WebRTC Standard Virtual F2F Meeting #1


The team working on the WebRTC standards started to have virtual meetings in order to work on the open items and by that speed up standards work.

Here are the highlights of the first meeting help in January.

There will be another meeting in February.


We have given updates on some of these and will update on others as they become relevant:


Changing the setParameters call to be Async

The call to setParameters() will now return a Promise.  If it is called again before the prior Promise resolves it will fail (reject) immediately.

The parameters that are returned from a getParameters() will only change once the Promise resolves.

It was agreed to do this change.


Adding contributing source voice activity flag

Return voice activity indication (name TBD) when possible.  Intended for use in mesh conferences.

General agreement to do this capability.


Adding activateSender()

Add the ability to activate a given RTCRtpSender (can cause negotiation needed and change what createOffer/createAnswer generates).

Agreement to do this capability.


Adding a drop option for RTCDegradationPreference

Discussion about adding an option for a simulcast sender to stop sending layers altogether (rather than reducing resolution or frame-rate).

No clear decision to do this one.