Updates from Latest W3C Working Draft 03 August 2016

9 August 2016 | Media

4 items we selected from the change log of the new W3C WebRTC Working Draft to include in this update. See how it impacts your application.

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WebRTC Virtual Meeting Decisions Summary

21 June 2016 | Media

WebRTC virtual meetings are held to speed up standardization work. Several decisions were made at the last virtual meeting.

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Media Capture and Streams Specification Reaches W3C Candidate Recommendation Stage

20 May 2016 | Media

W3C Media Capture and Streams, the one defining getUserMedia and MediaStreamTracks reaches a stable stage

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Support for Multiple RTX Codecs

26 April 2016 | Media

Chrome 50 changes WebRTC FEC implementation. Applications should act to ensure interoperability and benefit from higher quality

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PeerConnection Error Callback now Mandatory

18 April 2016 | Media

WebRTC PeerConnection Error Callback for createOffer and createAnswer now mandatory in Chrome 50

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Is It The End Of SDP in WebRTC As We Know It?

11 April 2016 | Media

SDP APIs in WebRTC might find their way out of the standard

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WebRTC Trickle ICE End of Candidates Gathering Indication

21 March 2016 | Media

ICE is used in WebRTC and in SIP for finding the possible media routes for a session. This process takes time to complete and is one of the reasons for delay in establishing media connections in SIP and in WebRTC. Latest changes in WebRTC allow to shorten completion of the ICE procedure.

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