Beyond WebRTC 1.0

22 November 2016 | Application

Ever thought of the day after WebRTC 1.0? Here are some thoughts collected from the W3C meeting.

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Firefox 49 Improves WebRTC Standards Support and Bandwidth Control

29 August 2016 | Media

Better synchronization with WebRTC standards and Chrome and improved bandwidth control coming to you in Firefox 49.

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Updates from Latest W3C Working Draft 03 August 2016

9 August 2016 | Media

4 items we selected from the change log of the new W3C WebRTC Working Draft to include in this update. See how it impacts your application.

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WebRTC Virtual Meeting Decisions Summary

21 June 2016 | Media

WebRTC virtual meetings are held to speed up standardization work. Several decisions were made at the last virtual meeting.

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Media Capture and Streams Specification Reaches W3C Candidate Recommendation Stage

20 May 2016 | Media

W3C Media Capture and Streams, the one defining getUserMedia and MediaStreamTracks reaches a stable stage

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Support for Multiple RTX Codecs

26 April 2016 | Media

Chrome 50 changes WebRTC FEC implementation. Applications should act to ensure interoperability and benefit from higher quality

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