Browser Push Notification for Your WebRTC App

WebRTC on mobile is more complicated in almost every area you look at (media, device diversity, support on devices…), but since the majority of WebRTC use cases on mobile devices are for applications rather than browsers, when it comes to push notification life is easier on mobile.

The need is pretty simple; it should be possible to notify the WebRTC application about events even when that application is not running. The trivial use case is an incoming call.

On mobile this is done through push notification messages that are sent from an application to the Google/Apple notification servers and from there to the device.

On the web this capability is not possible yet and requirements are a bit more complicated. The need is to be able to:

  • Notify a web app even if user doesn’t have it open
  • Launch the required web app in the correct state
  • If browser is not open, launch it
  • Know in which browser to launch it (computer may have multiple browsers)

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