WebRTC Standards Q&A Live Session #1

When we started WebRTCStandards we promised to also have live Q&A sessions.

Time to live up to that promise and invite you to our first live WebRTC Standards Q&A session to be held on Jan 20th at 11am EST, 8am Pacific, 5pm CET.

Free registration is now open.

On the agenda

The sessions will be informal and mainly be dedicated to Q&A but we will also review a specific topic we believe is of interest.

Those that follow our updates have seen a lot of activity around WebRTC media control, sender and receiver objects and transceivers.

The presentation part will focus on this topic but we invite you to get ready with your questions. We encourage you to send us your questions beforehand to make sure we answer them during the session.


WebRTC Live Q&A Session

Sessions are free

At first we thought of opening the live sessions for paying subscribers. For now we decided to keep the sessions open for the community.

We are investing significant time preparing our on-going updates so to keep this service as a free community service we are looking for companies interested in supporting us.

In return we will of course promote our supporters on our website and in our communication. Contact us for more information.