Alex Gouaillard Joins The WebRTCStandards Team Adding The WebRTC Implementation Viewpoint

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When we started our work on we envisioned it as a website that makes the connection between standards and reality. For this reason we always prioritize publishing information about things we believe will impact applications and mentioned this impact in our posts under the section “Impact on my application”.

We were looking for providing move value in the actual implementation space, sharing information about what is really being worked on and added to the browsers.

To achieve this goal we turned to Alex Gouaillard who is following very closely the actual work on WebRTC in the various browser releases (in Google terminology – Canary, Dev, Beta and Stable). Amir enjoyed working with Alex in the past sharing information about WebRTC in Safari and Dan is regularly working together with Alex on standard related activities so we are both looking forward to our new joint work.

Our next live session is on Feb 29th

This is also a great opportunity to announce our second live Q&A session. Session will be hosted by Dan, Alex and Amir. On it we will have a brief on VP9 and take questions about WebRTC Standard work and what to expect in the browser implementation side of things.

Session will be held on Feb 29th at 11am Eastern. Register and submit your questions now.

About Alex Gouailard

Originally an Electrical Engineer, with a passion in Signal, Image and Video Processing, since late 2015 Dr Alex is a Principal Architect at Citrix, working across all the Citrix GoTo products.

On the standard side of things, he is a W3C WebRTC, Media Capture and Streams and ORTC groups member or Invited Expert. Alex is also a board-elected Individual Contributor to IMTC.

On the practical side of things, Alex is most known for his work on WebRTC plugin for IE and Safari, and the WebRTC in WebKit project, which aims at bringing WebRTC to WebKit based browsers like Safari. He won three consecutive awards, as well as an individual pioneer award, from the WebRTC Conference and Expo events in 2103, 2014.