Beyond WebRTC 1.0

22 November 2016 | Application

Ever thought of the day after WebRTC 1.0? Here are some thoughts collected from the W3C meeting.

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Alex Gouaillard Joins The WebRTCStandards Team Adding The WebRTC Implementation Viewpoint

23 February 2016 | Application

Register now for the Feb 29th live session with the 3 WebRTCStandards musketeers

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WebRTC Standards Q&A Live Session #1

12 January 2016 | Application

Register now for our Jan 20th live session.

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Browser Push Notification for Your WebRTC App

11 May 2015 | Application

WebRTC on mobile is more complicated in almost every area you look at (media, device diversity, support on devices…), but since the majority of WebRTC use cases on mobile devices are for applications rather than browsers, when it comes to push notification life is easier on mobile.

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